Yards Created is Graham Barfield’s college running back charting methodology that began in 2016. At its core, Yards Created measures the number of yards a running back “creates” on his own, independent of offensive line play. The equation is simple: Yards Created = YPC – Yards Blocked.

Yards Created doesn’t just measure counting stats, though. It goes much deeper. Here are the statistical measures the Yards Created charting process covers:

  • Missed tackles
  • Defenders in the box
  • Blockers in the box
  • Receiving data (on a per route basis)
  • Pass protection

All Yards Created articles, podcasts, and data have always been — and will remain — free to access at any time. It is by no means a perfect process, but it has always been my hope that readers come away with at least one new lesson learned each time they consume Yards Created content. Thank you for your support of my project.

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